Sugartip Rose of Sharon

Asked November 6, 2017, 2:55 PM EST

Dear Sir or Madam
I purchased my plant in the Spring of this year. It is about 18" tall now.
I was wondering If you have a publication for the Winter and Spring care of Sugar tip Rose of Sharon. Also, I thought this plant was suppose to have only one trunk, mine has a main trunk and a smaller trunk growing several inches from the main. Is that OK or should I cut the smaller trunk? Thank you for your help. Regards, Phyllis

Boulder County Colorado

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Hi Phyllis,

Sugar Tip can be pruned as a single trunk or as a shrub (its natural form). It sounds like you might have a sucker forming from the base? If you want to maintain the plant as a single stem, then you should remove the side suckers.

That said, pruning now is not the best time and it's better to wait until spring and prune just prior to budbreak. You're not growing it as an indoor plant, are you?

Unfortunately, CSU Extension doesn't have a specific publication for Sugar Tip, but we do have a general publication on Rose of Sharon: