alternatives to Kentucky bluegrass

Asked November 6, 2017, 2:35 PM EST

I live in St. Paul and will embark upon a landscaping project in my front yard next summer. The yard is north facing with some tree cover. We currently have Kentucky bluegrass (and creeping charlie). I would like to consider seeding with a grass variety better for the environment in terms of water use and mowing needs. I have thought about fescue but am unable to find info on the UMN extension website. Can you please send me a link to resources about these grass varieties? I have also heard there are examples of this grass type at the U of M; I would love to look at them if they are in an area accessible to public. Thank you!

Ramsey County Minnesota lawns and turf horticulture

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I passed your question on to Professor Sam Bauer in the Department of Horticulture, Turfgrass Science. This was, in part, his reply:

"I created a series of 7 videos that help the homeowner complete the process of converting from existing grasses and weeds to a low maintenance fine fescue lawn. Those videos can be found here:

"Additionally, here is some more information on the fine fescues and purchasing seed that will help:

"4. Tips on purchasing seed: "

Professor Bauer and his colleagues have plots that are accessible to the public off of Larpenteur near Cleveland on the St. Paul campus.