Considering a pollinator garden

Asked November 6, 2017, 1:37 PM EST

I have a 3.5×5 foot raised bed I would like to make a pollinator garden. When would be a good time preparing it and planting it. Can you suggest a few plants to help the bumblebees and butterflies. I have a small flower bed I could plants some bushes in. Thank you, Jeffrey ( Grants pass)

Josephine County Oregon pollinators horticulture

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You can prepare your beds now by adding compost, 2-3 inches. Leave on top to prevent soil compaction from hard rain and snow. Dig in in spring. You can plant shrubby plants now if you can find them, or wait until early spring when the soil starts to warm to plant your shrubs and perennials.
The following list from Shooting Star nursery gives a listing of pollinator plants that do well in the Rogue Valley. It is an extensive list with shrubs, grasses, perennials. While Shooting Star has this convenient list, many of these plants are found in nurseries and granges throughout southern Oregon.