Mr dalton

Asked November 6, 2017, 8:11 AM EST

Do u know sir of any specialist or doctor in fort Lauderdale I have a bad bird might infestion. N have tried everything n can't get them off me already paid an exterminator n he killed the majority of the population. I was wondering if u knew of any way to find a doctor or something. Thank u so much I need help badly


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Bird mites cannot survive on people. I suspect that this is not what is causing any reactions you may be associating with bird mites. You may want to seek some other medical help.

Sir I know it sounds craze bird mites surviving on ppl but it's the truth I need help of dome kind because I've had them identified n sprayed by an extermination company. I ripped one from my leg n put it in a container n the exterminator. Asked me is there any bird or bird nest n I told them no... I was living in a hotel they had followed me previous residence. I'm having trouble killing the small residual populations

People can get their ID's wrong. Pest control exterminators usually do not have the equipment to ID bird mites on the spot.