Tree Replacement

Asked November 5, 2017, 8:32 PM EST

We have a Silver Maple which has been slowly dying in our back yard. It is about 30'+ tall, with a 3' diameter trunk. As it is only 10'-12' from the back of the house, anything we replace it with needs to have upright branching, narrow and hopefully ultimately getting to 30' tall also.
Preferably another deciduous tree so we can have some shade in the summer, (we face west at the back), yet a more clear view during the winter.
Can you please suggest our options for this Colorado climate ??

Boulder County Colorado trees and shrubs

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The horticulture agent is currently on maternity leave. I would suggest you contact the office directly until Boulder County figures out a person to take these questions through Ask an Expert. The office contact information can be found at:

Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience! Ruth

The "expert" is apparently on maternity leave and for some reason a temporary replacement has not been decided upon !! Which I find somewhat amusing !!
After phoning in, I have been sent some links to do my own homework.