native plants in Grand Lake Colorado

Asked November 5, 2017, 5:08 PM EST

What plants are native to Grand Lake Colorado? Are there Pfitzers? What about scrub oak? Interested in 1875 time era. interested in shrubs not flowers. I am doing Historical research.

Grand County Colorado

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We currently do not have a native plant master program in Grand County so i am not up to date on plant native to Grand Lake Area. I have included a link to the native plant master program in Colorado and it is managed by Barbara Fahey out of the Jefferson County Extension Office. On the site is a link to Colorado native shrubs for you information. If you are wanting to some historical information i would start with Barbara. I have also included a link to Scrub oak fact sheet. Even though it is native to Colorado in some part of Western Colorado they have management plans for it.

If you have any other Question free to contact our local office at 970-724-3436.

Travis Hoesli