4 o’clock tubers

Asked November 5, 2017, 1:36 PM EST

With loving labor I dug up approximately 100 of my beloved 4 o’clock tubers. I left them in the shed and we had a premature cold spell below freezing for about a week I left them in the shed in the cold! Did I kill them? I’m running down now to bring them in! Any advice would help! Thanks, Lynda Meyers

Clay County Minnesota

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Your 4 o'clocks tuber should be fine. The temperature in the garage is usually about 10 degrees above outside temperatures. Discard any tuber that are mushy and soft. Don't worry too much, many people who grow 4 o'clocks don't bring in the tubers but instead let the seeds from last year grow. The nice thing about bringing in the tuber is one gets flowers much sooner. If you start some of them early in the spring in pots one can get flowers even sooner than just planting them as soon as the ground is 55F.