My tree has dead branches

Asked November 5, 2017, 10:56 AM EST

I think l have a Norwegian Maple and it use to give complete shade in the summer. The last couple of years I have noticed quite a few branches with no leaves resulting in not as much shade. The tree I was planted in 1991. Is my beautiful maple dying?

Multnomah County Oregon norway maple decline

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Thank you for your question about your Norway maple. In order for us to diagnose its problem(s), we need a couple of photos of the tree, both from a distance as well as close up. Dying branches and limbs often have patterns that help identify whether it is something in the soil (like a fungus), or in the leaves (such as a bacterial infection) or even the bark (such as insects). Also, are there any other plants in the general area that are showing any signs of stress? Did you add water during this summer's drought? If you'll send more information, we'll try to give you an answer. Thanks!