Is this mushroom poisonous?

Asked November 5, 2017, 2:11 AM EST

I'm trying to determine the type of this mushroom in the attached pictures to know if it is poisonous to my dog (or a person) since my dog ate part of it. More accurately he ate part of the one next to this one. I found the mushroom shown in my back lawn in the middle of the grass (full sun) just today (Nov 4 - late fall) in Ijamsville, MD. It has been a bit wet and cloudy lately though. There are no dense woods within a couple hundred yards although mulch beds in are within 50 ft. It smells slightly woody. I didnt see any discoloration when I damaged the stem. The pictures are close to the true color in that the gills are a light brown... maybe slightly red-ish. The mushroom was wet in the picture since it started to rain but just before and appears a more even brown, but when dry the top center was more white and more brown around the edges. I can drop off the sample to the local extension if needed, although it is drying out. Thanks for any quick response! -

Frederick County Maryland

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We do not have a mycologist on staff and we are not authorized to identify mushrooms as to whether they are edible or poisonous. Mushrooms are difficult to identify as you have to consider spore counts and spore patterns and this is complicated. We suggest that you contact the Mycological Society of Washington D.C.

Mushroom growth can be common during wet weather. If you are concerned that your dog may eat it, scoop it up and discard in the trash. You may also want to contact your vet.