Care for recently planted Knock Out Roses

Asked November 3, 2017, 1:41 PM EDT

A landscaper planted six potted Knock Out roses bushes. The soil is clay and some amendments were added to the soil and mulch has been placed around them. I have read your guide but I would like some additional advice on care such as how much should I water them, should I add fertilizer, should I prune the flowers? They are planted where they will receive several hours of sun. They were planted 3 weeks ago? Grubs are in the soil . Can I apply an organic insecticide for the grubs and weeds?

Baltimore Maryland

1 Response

No pruning or fertilizer is needed at this time. Take a look at our webpage on knockouts for pruning and fertilization. They do not demand a lot of fertilizer. Roses need full sun to grow their best.

It is normal to have some grubs in the soil and no control is necessary.
Keep the shrubs well watered up until the ground freezes. Check the soil moisture about once a week. Make sure mulch is no thicker than several inches and keep away from the base of the stems. The mulch will moderate soil moisture and keep the weeds down.