Grass seeding

Asked November 2, 2017, 1:41 PM EDT

It is early november in upstate New it still a good time to plant grass seed or is it too late in the season for the grass seed to germinate?

Albany County New York

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It is not too late - in fact planting in November is a widely accepted practice for cold-weather regions called dormant seeding. The seeds will not germinate until next spring, but you will have done all of the work ahead of time, which will enable the seeds to take off as soon as the conditions are right for them. Make sure to wait until there is no chance that the seeds will germinate this fall, because if they do, the seedlings that emerge this late in the year will be too weak to survive the winter. It's also quite important that the seeds are pressed into and making solid contact with the soil to ensure germination next spring. Here is a link to an article that thoroughly covers the topic and will guide you through the process: