Assassin bug?

Asked November 1, 2017, 7:21 PM EDT

My husband flicked a bug off of my back. It looked like a stink bug, but the neck was very long. I don't have a picture because it freaked me out and I stepped on it. I've never seen one here before and I don't believe it is native to Maryland. Do you have any Idea what it could be? The bottom half looked just like a stink bug, even the same color. The difference was in the shape and length of the next, it was long and thin. Thank you for your help. I live in Fallston.

Harford County Maryland

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We really can't identify the insect from your description. Here is some info about assassin bugs and photos from our website:

These are highly beneficial insects, because they are predators of pest insects such as the stinkbugs that get in our houses. Brushing it off and letting it leave is the best approach. They have no interest in humans, so any contact is accidental, but they can bite, so they should not be handled.