Corkscrew willow propagation

Asked October 30, 2017, 6:54 PM EDT

Hi-I have a 5-gal bucket with about 10 saplings(2-3ft ea) of Corkscrew Willow in water since June. They are very well rooted in water, but I am uncertain what to do with them here at Halloween. I'm considering burying them bare-root in a trench, on their side-kind of like tipping roses-and covering them with compost to grade folIowed by about 2-3 feet of leaves. I think it's too late to pot them or plant them like a bare-root shrub/tree in the spring. Any thoughts? Thank you! Mark Shivers

Ramsey County Minnesota

2 Responses

I think your plan is a good one. The crucial point is that the roots are buried and protected. Then dig them and plant them in the spring.

Thx, Dennis W. I will post a response next spring as to how they over-wintered. Mark Shivers