Mineral, loam

Asked October 29, 2017, 11:59 PM EDT

Will you please explain the soil type test result; MINERAL, Loam? I thought our soil was mostly clay, was I wrong or is that what Mineral, loam means?

Hamilton County Ohio

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The particles that make up the soil are the minerals (sand, silt and clay). A soil can be mostly clay and still be a loam soil. The CEC cation exchange capacity that is measured and reported in your soil test is a value based on electrical charges in the soil. Clay and organic matter have a higher number of negative charges that help to bond to positive charged nutrients. A soil with a CEC of 11 or above means the soil is dominated by clay minerals. The soils lab uses the CEC values to estimate the type of soil and the value given your soil points to a type of loam soil. Some loams are dominated by clay and silt.