Kentucky grasses that filter insecticides

Asked October 25, 2017, 3:18 PM EDT

My name is Seth jolly and I am a 7th grader at meyzeek working on my science fair project. I am looking for advice on a project where I test the ability of different types of grasses to filter out chemicals. who can I talk to for advice on this project. email

Jefferson County Kentucky

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I'm work on getting some information put together and will send Monday or Tuesday. In the mean time contact me directly via email or cell phone
859-317-1099 if you have any questions. What is your deadline for information?
Wayne Long
ANR Agent/County Coordinator
Jefferson Co Extension

the deadline is not for a while. I need to get started with planning the project and could use the information as soon as i can. Thanks Mr Long.

In the meantime, Google grasses or plants for Phytoremediation of chemicals.

Wayne Long

so my plan is to treat a piece of sod (four different types) with bifenthrin. then pour water over it and collect the runoff and test the runoff for how much is left in the water.

do you know of a way to test the water for how much bifenthrin is in it?


Bifenthrin is a restricted use pesticide which requires a certified applicator to purchase the product. However, there are other products that contain lower concentration that can be purchased without a certification.
A couple of questions:
1. Are you trying to mimic rainfall by pouring water?
2. How long will you wait to collect the water?
3. How thick is the sod?
I would suggest contacting a lab that can test for pesticides. They can run you samples but may charge a fee.

we got the product at lowes (Ortho)

ok this is how we think we will do it.
we put the sod in a paint tray that tilts.
i was thinking that we would pour an amount on the sod.
wait an hour to sink in.
The use a water can to pour water over it like rain
we then test the water that collects at the bottom of the paint tray
the sod is about 2 inches thick

is there a better way to do this?