What is this shrub?

Asked October 24, 2017, 11:11 PM EDT

it las long shoots and it keeps growing all summer long. it has been trimmed several times but it keeps growing. what is it? when can i prune it back? can i transplant the one growing under the Leland? if yes, can i do it in Nov>?

Cherokee County Georgia plant identification

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Thanks for your plant identification question. Because the pictures are taken so far from the plant, I'm unable to see the leaves very clearly, except to note that they are attached on opposite sides of the stems (as opposed to alternately.) It would also be helpful to have had a photo of the flowers. If the flower is yellow, it is likely a forsythia.

Now is the time to transplant it (or in very early spring) after you have pruned it down enough that you can dig it out. Be sure to water it well, and to water the hole you're going to plant it in, which should be twice as large as the root ball (which may be really big!) Here is a link to an Extension article about the plant and its care. Hope this is helpful. Good luck!