i garden at the community garden at wegerzine in dayton. i use a raised bed...

Asked October 23, 2017, 4:13 PM EDT

i garden at the community garden at wegerzine in dayton. i use a raised bed with compost. i have a problem with thimothy grass and morning glories overwhelming me. i cover all the non garden areas with plastic and cardboard to prevent the weeds but they are relentless. i am putting the garden to bed for the winter and wondered if i could use anything to kill all of the weed seeds. i am an organic gardener, but the weeds are currently overwhelming and are every year. i have the same plot every year. my neighbors seem to be weed free....how? help

Montgomery County Ohio

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Good Afternoon,

I have several questions for you before I answer your question.

1. Are there rules at Wegerzyn regarding the use of herbicides?

2. Do you want to use a herbicide if you are organic?



no rules really, and i suspect my neighbors use herbicides......i thought that if i could kill the weeds over the winter then maybe i could start again. it has become too difficult for me to deal with the grass and glories without some help...as gentle as possible. i thought about torching the area it is 4' x 20'


The above link is to a Fact Sheet that discusses weed management in organic
This Fact Sheet discusses torching and other methods of organic weed control.
Please remember that you might have a weed seed bank in the soil that would need to be addressed next growing season.
Please look over the Fact Sheet and if you have further questions please do not hesitate to contact me.