Eastern Redbud blooming

Asked October 23, 2017, 1:10 PM EDT

I just noticed that my Eastern Redbud is beginning to bloom and was wondering how often you may have seen this in the Twin Cities and what it means for the tree. I bought the tree about 4 or 5 years ago from Gertens. The first year it self pruned the main leader and a couple branches on one side. The next year or two it was healthy but didn't bloom, and the last couple years has been healthy and bloomed as expected in the spring. It's planted in New Hope, gets full sun in a relatively unprotected location, and is in dirt/clay soil. Thank you for your time - Steve

Hennepin County Minnesota

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If it does bloom, it won’t have time to set new buds. The lower temps this week may signal it to stop blooming. Buds are easily damaged by cold so I doubt it will bloom in the spring regardless of what it does now. The articles below are older but I think you get the idea that Eastern Redbuds are very sensitive to extreme cold and can be unreliable bloomers. Why blooming this fall? It probably has to do with our recent record breaking heat wave. 1. http://www3.extension.umn.edu/county/stearns/county-horticulture-educator/article/plants-still-feel-effects-winter 2. http://blog-yard-garden-news.extension.umn.edu/2014/06/where-redbud-bloom.html