Aphids on shrub roses

Asked October 23, 2017, 9:44 AM EDT

Hello, I have a number of shrub roses that were just decimated by aphids this last month. I used a Disease and Insect Control by Bonide product on the bushes this summer, but then was unable to spray them for this last month, hence the extreme decimation. I cut the bushes down to remove the stems and leaves, but now I’m wondering if I can use something before the ground freezes on the soil that surrounds the bush to kill any eggs that might have been laid. Thanks for your help.

Waseca County Minnesota

1 Response

Aphids usually lay their eggs on plant trunks and stems, not on the soil so the measures you have already taken may be sufficient control for this season.

Horticultural oils are often used to kill aphids and their eggs, but, again, these are not applied to the soil.

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