Trying to determine what plant this is

Asked October 22, 2017, 6:40 PM EDT

Hello, I have this plant growing along my back property line. It's a low lying plant. I would like to plant this along the complete property line, however I don't know what plant this is so I can buy the seed for it. Thanks!

New Castle County Delaware

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This in English Ivy (Hedera Helix L.) that has been commonly grown as a ground cover and is considered invasive in Delaware. It spreads outward as well as up and over anything in its way and will kill whatever it encounters by smothering it. See We strongly advise removing it from areas where it presently occurs, or controlling it aggressively. You can find several good alternatives at

This is perfect, thank you.
I'm sad to hear that the english ivy was declared invasive. What's the best way to remove this?

English Ivy is difficult to remove but can be eradicated with persistence. Here is a good, comprehensive description of English Ivy removal from our colleagues at Clemson University.