Deer eating fig tree

Asked October 22, 2017, 9:39 AM EDT

Hello, a couple days ago I found my waist - high fig tree that i planted in the spring eaten by deer. Most of all the leaves have been eaten. I can enclose it with a chicken wire fence but my question is what happens when the fig tree gets taller, how do I protect it. I have neighbors with 15 ft tall fig trees and they seem untouched. Is there a reason mine keeps getting eaten. I also have blackberry and raspberry bushes near by that have also gotten demolished by the deer. If I enclose all the bushes and fig in an enclosed fence, would the raspberry bush become a nuisance to the fig and blackberry. The raspberry bush is planted far away from the others.

Howard County Maryland wildlife fruit figs deer blackberries and raspberries

1 Response

Deer may browse on new plantings of figs. If hungry enough, they will eat anything. Usually once the trees get larger they tend not to bother them.

There are no easy answers for controlling wildlife in an edible garden. You will have to protect the plants with deer fencing. The raspberry should not affect the other plantings. See our website for more information on deer and fencing