Problems caused by voles? Replying to Dwarf Norway Spruce loosing leaves.

Asked October 22, 2017, 1:10 AM EDT

I'd like to imagine you, Coop Ext., Kitty is it?.... got more information from the client with this Dwarf Norway Spruce leaf fall. This client is out killing voles that are most likely not the culprit. Voles are a problem during a hard winter and thrive in mulch people have dumped around the base of a woody perennial. Give them shelter and easily accessed cambium and you might have a vole problem. If they damage the cambium more than 1/4 circumference then there will be a marked decline. Do not think voles are the culprit. We should first rule out mites and adelgids and rot at the base of the trunk from being covered with mulch...stuff that holds moisture against the bark. Gophers, moles and voles are actually good guys. Aerate soil, Cause soil mounds I had clients pay me the big bucks to dump and sweep down. Especially lawns. Voles are not a problem. Unless they are starving. Do not pile mulch or soil or rocks up on the barks of any woody perennial bark. Bacteria will girdle said plant with the moisture. Slowly. This is NOT vole damage. Need more information, close up pictures, and a back and forth discussion to make sure of diagnosis and remedy. Please don't be killing these soil mammals. More information, okay? Check out Stack Exchange Gardening and Landscaping for a second or third opinion.


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