Rose of Sharon

Asked October 21, 2017, 4:27 PM EDT

My 3 yr old Rose of Sharon has stems with many leaves that withered in a cold snap.

Should I prune this plant? Should I cut off all stems with withered leaves?

I live in Denver.

Thank you kindly.

Denver County Colorado

1 Response

Rose of Sharon are usually hardy shrubs but can certainly experience some leaf dieback due to an early cold snap. Because it is a relatively newer plant I would recommend you wait until next year to see how the plant recovers. You can make a little scratch on one of the stems with the withered leaves now to see if it's green underneath. In the spring if there are some branches that are obviously dead you could cut them out.

As a point of clarification, a Rose of Sharon does not need to be pruned unless you have a reason to do so, such as it's gotten too big for the spot where it's planted. If you were to prune a Rose of Sharon, the time to prune it is in late February or early March before net growth occurs.