Carrot fall planting date for Waco, Tx

Asked October 21, 2017, 2:14 AM EDT question is what is the ideal fall month/day for planting carrots in Waco, TX?

I already sent this question, but wanted to comment further. I am finding conflicting info on this question. One source says September is best ; another says as late as Nov. 10. Several have listed October as best.

Please help...thank you,

Aimee Hall

McLennan County Texas

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You should plant Fall carrots toward the end of September through the month of October.

Most guides will say you can plant here into November but they are using the average frost date of November 15. I am thinking of the extremes when we have that early frost on Nov 1, you would not want freshly emerged carrots coming up then.

Thank you for your answer! I was trying to convince my brother that his calendar cut-off date of October 6th to plant them is too early. He still says it's too late now, but at least I have an accurate answer and confirmation of what I thought.

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