Asked October 20, 2017, 11:57 AM EDT

I have a banana tree that is supposed to be for indoors, but it is getting too tall. I can't find anything on how to care for this tree. Called Stark Brothers and didn't get anything but what was in the book. Can I treat it like a regular banana tree? I did find a couple of ways to care for one outside.

Janice Brown
Lobelville Tn

Perry County Tennessee

1 Response

Indoor banana trees still grow relatively large, even dwarf (Musa ornate) varieties can still reach up to 6 feet or more. Another thing to keep in mind is, bananas need about 12 hours of sunlight a day, too little and it will cause the plant to "stretch" taller to reach sunlight. The indoor banana can be treated as an outdoor banana as far as pruning goes. It is more of a herbaceous plant than a tree, so the banana will regrow from the center of the wrapped leaf pseudostem once it is cut back 2-3 inches from the soil surface. If you have further questions, you can contact the Perry County Extension Office at 931-589-2331.