yellow jackets in house wall

Asked October 20, 2017, 10:40 AM EDT

I have yellow jacket wasps in my house wall somewhere: every day several come flying into the house an I can't see the hole. Should I have an exterminator come? I don't want to spray poison into the hole if it is continuous (communicates) with the interior space of my house. But my family is afraid they will get stung, just walking in the hallway. What should I do?

Montgomery County Maryland

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Yellow jackets all die over the winter when they are hit with hard freezing temperatures of winter. Except for the queen, who leaves the hive and overwinters elsewhere. She does not return to the hive.

You have two main options. One option is to wait for hard freezes to end the problem. Unfortunately, a warmer than normal winter is being called for. Yellow jackets could be stumbling into your home for some time, if not all winter, because the warmth of your house keeps them alive, too. Your other option is to have a pest control company come and take care of it. Insecticides they use should not be harmful to your family.

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