Moth larvae?

Asked October 18, 2017, 3:51 PM EDT

Hello. We've noticed these little buggers in our garage (the end we can't see in the photo is a bit darker than the rest of him), and at the same time have had quite a few very small tan moths in our house. Can you tell me if the one turns into the other? Do we need to worry about the moths getting into rugs, bedding, etc.? If either the worms or the moths (or both) could be problematic, any thoughts on getting rid of them? Thanks so much!

Frederick County Maryland pest control possible maggot

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This does not look like a moth larvae. A moth larvae has a brown head and legs.
This looks like it may be a maggot. Perhaps there was a dead animal such as a mouse in the garage. Look for this and look in the area where they are coming from. They are looking for a place to pupate. Scoop up and drown in soapy water and throw in the trash.

The larvae are not related to the moths you are seeing inside the house. The tan moths inside the house may be the Indian Meal Moth, a type of pantry pest. See more on our website for identification and control.