Bird ID - brown feathers with red edges

Asked October 18, 2017, 10:33 AM EDT

I saw a bird I wasn't familiar with the other day. I was driving so I didn't get a picture, but it was mostly brown with a black tail that had a white stripe all the way across. It was about the size of the Eurasian collared doves that were near it; maybe a tad bigger. It's beak put me in mind of a woodpecker. Each of its back feathers seemed to have a red outline, but that might have been some kind of illusion of iridescence. That's all I can remember. The bird identification apps I downloaded didn't seem to have this bird so I thought I might have better luck here. Thanks!

Jackson County Oregon

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Based on your description, it sounds like a Northern Flicker - the "red shafted" type occurs in Oregon. They have a large white patch on their rump (the topside of the bird in flight). It's conspicuous in flight. The tips of the tail feathers are black with red on the underside. They have the typical undulating flight of woodpeckers, and they are the woodpeckers you often see foraging on the ground.
Thanks for not trying to take a picture while driving!