Courses for train the trainer in Fish and Fishery Products HACCP

Asked October 17, 2017, 7:16 PM EDT

Hi, Where is the best place to find a schedule of training courses for Train the Trainer in Fish and Fishery Products HACCP. Is there a particular location/trainer recommended?

Ventura County California

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Thanks for contacting us about your HACCP for seafood question. As you may have discovered, finding an official HACCP course on seafood is not as easy as it once was. However, this has actually been simplified a bit in recent years. There is online and in-person training available.

First, note that there are two segments to the training, and they must be taken in order. Online training only covers Segment One (Basic).

All of the in-person HACCP courses for seafood are now offered through the Association for Food and Drug Officials. Click on this link to open the (pdf file) list of training classes:

The locations and trainers that offer training vary and you can attend wherever you would like, so you have some choices.

All of the online training is for Segment One only, through the National Seafood HACCP Alliance. Those who complete the internet course are eligible to attend a one-day Segment Two in-person course taught by an Alliance instructor. Click on this link to read about and register:

There are manuals and much more detailed information about HACCP on this web page:
OSU Seafood Research & Education Center
Food Science & Technology Department
2001 Marine Dr Ste 253
Astoria OR 97103-3420

I can’t recommend one instructor or location over another, but by taking training through the two above entities, you are assured your instructor is qualified to train.

I hope this helps you get started!