ID this bug

Asked October 17, 2017, 6:31 PM EDT

Found this in my bed this morning. I'm in Bend Oregon. What is it?

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Thank you for the well-focused image of this small insect which probably hitchhiked indoors on a package, plant, or someone’s clothing.

Your insect is a snakefly larva, a youngster. Although that may sound rather ominous, it isn’t.

Snakeflies, both the larvae and the winged adults, normally live outdoors in leaf litter. Snakeflies are predatory insects which help us keep some of their pesky relatives in the garden under control. If you happen to find another one, capture it and release it outdoors.(See

Thank you so much. I can rest assured it wasn't some kind of a biting bug that was going to cause problems. And no more have shown up so it might have just been that one.