screwed up my knckout roses

Asked October 17, 2017, 5:02 PM EDT

Knockout rose in 3rd year of growing season.

doing fine until........... Watering the front lawn with an impulse sprinkler. The sprinkler tipped on its spike and ran directly on the rose bush, knocking off all flowers and buds.

concerned with

1. should I wait until next

year to see what happened to it.

2. should I replace it now (focal point of walkway), and relegate this bush to another location.

3. Drastic pruning or some other action. such as fertilizer, growth additives????

Plymouth County Massachusetts roses

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Thanks for your question about your rosebush. What is left of the plant’s structure? The roses and leaves were going to drop anyway, so the issue is whether your plant’s roots and branches are still intact. I assume you were going to prune it anyway, and roses are remarkably resilient if they just have enough woody tissue left. Can you attach a photo? Thanks for more info.

plant is completely intact,, except for the flowers and buds. Strong leaf structure Recommendations? Is there a reason to prune it?. What else (if anything) should I do?

Great! You don't need to lose any more sleep, then! First, as to rose care recommendations, this Extension article is an excellent overview of rose care, and this second one explains the how and why of pruning in your neck of the country. Good luck!