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Asked October 17, 2017, 1:49 PM EDT

Hi there. I have a very tall (bigger than the house) walnut tree in my front yard. On the other side of my modest front yard I was thinking of planting a snow fountain cherry tree - but it's not on the list I found of trees that are ok near a walnut tree. Do you think the snow fountain would be likely to fail or would have a chance of surviving in my yard? On a related note - I really don't like the walnut tree (it sprays my yard with walnuts) - but it's healthy so paying thousands to have it cut down (after I spent thousands! to cut down multiple dead trees) seems like that may not be a good use of money. Ideas? I know walnut trees could be valuable to furniture makers but I don't know where to start to sell the wood o recoup some of my expense. Thoughts? Thanks!!!!!! PS - if you think photos would be helpful, just let me know - I can write back with photos attached. Thanks!

Montgomery County Maryland

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Take a look at this page from our website:

Within it you'll see the following and can decide if you have the room:
"Plants that are incompatible with walnut may be grown one and one half times the distance of the outermost limbs from the black walnut. Keep in mind that walnut trees grow over one foot a year. Therefore susceptible plants should be planted fifty to eighty feet from the tree."
The bottom line is, unless you have a pretty big yard for that big walnut, it's unlikely you will be able to grow the snow fountain cherry.

As far as the wood being valuable, it's not likely that a lumber company is interested in one tree. You may be able to find someone, but we don't have any lists about this. You should search on-line and make some calls to inquire.