Christmas Trees

Asked October 16, 2017, 3:16 PM EDT

we have about 4-5 acres of Christmas trees (grand, noble and nordman firs) planted 2004-07 about 1200 per year in Wilamina. They were attended to the first 5 years but we moved away and they have been growing wild since with just basic brush maintenance. Is there any wholesale resources out there that would be interested in the trees for wreaths, garland or wholesale trees?

Polk County Oregon

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Two years ago I would have said- No, but this year, trees are in short supply.
Boughs are an option with noble and maybe Nordmann. Wholesale trees, maybe; it will depend on just how "wild" they look.

Below is a web link to the Buy-Sell directory of the PNWCTA. Buyers and sellers are listed. You could call buyers, but also many of the larger sellers are also
buyers, even though they are no listed as such. They will want to see pictures and know what you have in terms of inventory. This list also includes people that make and sell wreaths and garlands.

In addition to these lists, many wholesale florists also by bough material.

Many growers have been harvesting boughs for weeks now and tree shipping is starting, so hurry.