Pawpaw Fruit

Asked October 15, 2017, 8:55 PM EDT

Could you tell me where I can locate some Pawpaw Fruit to pick or buy? I was told they are a lot of this fruit along the C & O Towpath and they should be ripe now. If so, can anyone pick this fruit on the C & O Towpath?

Washington County Maryland

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Thank you for your question and for your interest in paw paws, a wonderful native fruit. I love their banana-mango-custard taste. Peak season is September, so the time to find and pick them in the wild is over, I'm afraid. Plus, picking isn't allowed in state or federal parks, including the C&O Canal National Historic Park. Paw paws also don't pick or ship well, which is why you never see them in stores. You might want to check out the Paw Paw festival in Frederick next year. They sell paw paws, do taste tests of different varieties and products made from paw paws, and sell paw paw plants. I've attached a link below. Good luck in your quest for the elusive paw paw.