Black Walnut nut bearing.

Asked October 15, 2017, 4:47 PM EDT

We live in an over 200 year old home. I do not know how old the trees are but all are over a 100 feet tall. There are multiple black walnut trees in the surrounding yard, yet for the last 10+ years, that I have been here, only one produces nuts, why is this? Thank you

New Castle County Delaware

1 Response

Black walnut trees fruit on various cycles up to eight years. They are also affected by their growing conditions; soil fertility, moisture, light, competition with other black walnuts. It is difficult to say why only one of your trees produces nuts. Clearly its immediate environment is well suited to it. Black Walnut tree can begin to produce some fruit at about 10 years old, but are not very productive until about 30 years old. So age may be playing a role despite the trees being quite tall.

Unless you are a great fan of Black Walnut trees and their allelopathic ways, you are probably fortunate that the other Black Walnut trees are marginally productive.