How to rid a yard of salal?

Asked October 15, 2017, 11:10 AM EDT

I live about 1 mile from the beach in Florence, Oregon (western Lane County) in a housing subdivision with lots of natural vegetation separating each lot. Salal grows everywhere! While it's pretty, it's also taking over. How can I get rid of it without using something like RoundUp, or at the very least, control it?

Lane County Oregon

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I can relate...I have planted salal and later removed it, as it did indeed try to take over. Start by cutting it down to about 6 inches or so in height, but leave enough of a stub to grab on to. Then, with a good pair of gloves, grab hold and pull. The roots are long, but they should pull out fairly easily, especially if your soil is sandy. Get as many of the roots as you reasonably can and re-growth should be minimal. Don't worry about the fibrous stuff...mainly focus on the long roots, the older of which will be woody and the younger of which may still be whitish in color. The main re-growth simply will be from roots that were overlooked or inadvertently covered up as you were busy pulling on other roots.