Very old, large beautiful Cedar with 3 trunks coming out of one trunk. Cutting?

Asked October 14, 2017, 8:34 PM EDT

This tree, of course, is close to the house. Between 2-4 feet the tree splits into 3 trunks or that's what it looks like. They are in an almost perfect row and it looks like the middle one is pushing the other ones on each side, away from the middle. These trees are very tall and old. Like you would see in the forest. Someone used rebar at one time to hold them together (Looks painful. Poor tree) but that is now failing. I can't imagine the tree not being there! Can you take out the center trunk? I do not want to kill it and hopefully I have that choice. Thank you Rhonda PS this is the only picture that I have. I'm hopeful that it's healthy. Seems to be. The middle trunk is the smallest by far

Okanogan County Washington

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From your photo I see three trees that have been growing together since they were seedlings. For all extensive purposes the are now one tree. Their roots are grafted together and act as one system. The middle one may die in the future (25 to ?? Years). I have seen this in natural settings where the three trees bases become one. Yes they can fall over if something hurts the roots. This can happen in a landscape when driveways, utilities lines, foundations cut or suffocate the roots. As long as the trees roots are in great condition they can all live together for ages. But if you wish to lessen the danger you could remove the middle tree. But if it dies where it stands it can make a great wildlife tree. It will be filled with cavities for birds, bats and other animals. Keep an eye on it’s green top. If all three trees look the same with lots of new growth all is well. As the middle tree gets less sunlight it may start to loose foliage and look thin and sick. You could have the top cut off and leave most of the trunk for future wildlife habitat. If you need more information call me at3604630471 Jim