Apples from Couderay, WI area

Asked October 12, 2017, 11:42 AM EDT

Good morning, Attached is a photo of some apples from my sister's cabin up in Couderay, WI. She says they always look like this but she's eaten them before, in pies, etc., and had no problem. What do you think these black/grey spots are?

Washington County Minnesota

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If the grey spots rub off, it is sooty blotch. If they don't it is cedar apple rust. More likely cedar apple rust. Although unsightly, the apples are edible. The low photo resolution makes it difficult to determine the black spots accurately and a cut section of the apple would be most helpful. The black spots no matter the cause are common and don't make the fruit inedible. See the following websites for more information about apple diseases: Also see: