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Asked October 11, 2017, 12:48 PM EDT

Hello Last spring we replaced our conventional grass lawn with micro clover. It did great untill the end of summer when a long suffering heat wave killed it all dead. I thought it was hardy and would be a good no fuss replacement. Are there any tips you could offer for our next attempt?

Lane County Oregon

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Thanks for your question about replacement for lawns. Development of the 'right' combination of plants in lieu of sod grass lawns is still in its infancy, in some ways. But OSU (being in the grass seed capitol of the world) is leading the charge. Have you read this Department of Horticulture article? It has a lot of information, but is well worth your time. Both of the sources of seeds (Nichols in Albany and Protime in Portland) are still operating, and appear to have Professor Cook's endorsement. Hope this information is helpful. Good luck!

Thanks for the link. I wonder if more information has been discovered since this 2005 article from Professor Emeritus Cook. We initially only used Trifolium repens micro clover but maybe we should consider a mix according to the article.

He has since retired, and I’ve been unable to find as good research. But I’ll bet if you contact either of the outlets, they would know. I’ll keep looking!

I'm not certain whether you have checked out these many mixtures available through ProTime, but they appear to have many combinations. Do you live in a neighborhood or HOA that has restrictions on allowing, say, dandelions to bloom? Here's an article from 2015 about 'bee lawns.' And, as pictured below, you can 'go big.'

Perfect! Thank you for those options. I like what I see in the seed mixes with ProTime. If that fails we will be "Going Big" since we have no HOA or limitations.

Many thanks for your help!

Great! (That's my pollinator front yard, and "shade garden" back yard.)