My wife and I would like some advice on the best fruit producing PLUM trees...

Asked October 11, 2017, 10:20 AM EDT

My wife and I would like some advice on the best fruit producing PLUM trees to grow. We want to start a small orchard and have identified plums as a fruit we would like to grow. Please help us with selection based on fruiting, zone hardiness, and pollination. Thanks, Dennis

Hamilton County Ohio

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The link below will give you a comprehensive look at plum varieties successfully grown in Michigan. Most if not all of these are likely to succeed in Ohio as well, although dates of expected maturity will vary.

According to Lee Reich's book Grow Fruit Naturally, it will be important to plant two trees of different varieties in the same species, either Japanese or European, to provide cross pollination of the blooms.

While I was unable to find specific advice on varieties most likely to produce heavy fruit crops routinely, you may find help in garden catalogs or at a trusted local nursery. Another valuable source of information will be your county's OSU Extension Service office, at:

Hamilton County Office

4210 Dane Ave.
Cincinnati, OH 45223
They may have a specialist on staff, or be able to provide access to information sources that can help you.

Thank you for your question. We wish you success.