grub damage to lawns

Asked October 11, 2017, 9:53 AM EDT

I recently applied Sevin to my lawn to kill the grubs and plan on applying a preventative treatment in June. I would like to overseed now but not sure what do do with all of the dead turf. I have been told conflicting information. Should I remove the dead turf ? A was planning on applying a 10-10-10 fertilizer with the seed and cover with straw. Is this correct. Thanks Jon

Carroll County Maryland lawn grub damage on lawn

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We would hold off on treating for grubs until you are certain that you actually have a problem, and even if you did, there are better options than Sevin for control.
First off, take a look at this page from our website:

We recommend getting seed down by October 15th, so this weekend would be prime.
10-10-10 is a garden fertilizer and isn't used for lawn applications.
If you have a lot of dead grass to contend with, we'd recommend using (renting) a lawn machine that helps with clearance and planting.
All the information and steps needed for a successful outcome are covered in this publication: