Collection scion wood for grafting apple trees in Oakland county

Asked October 10, 2017, 5:10 PM EDT

I am planning on collecting some apple scion for grafting wood soon, but I am not sure when to do it. When is the best time to do it, and if I do it in October or early November, do you think that the wood would be viable in the spring for grafting?

Oakland County Michigan

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Too early. The scion should have completed chilling to overcome the winter dormancy. The best time would be late January or early February. Storage is usually in the ground in a plastic bag. Don't store them in your refrigerator as the ethylene from ripening apples and other fruit will damage the buds.
Here is a link to information on grafting from Minnesota.
I notice they suggest November to collect scion wood. buried in the ground you would probably get enough chilling hours to complete dormancy