Tree under attack

Asked October 10, 2017, 3:30 PM EDT

There is a tree in my front yard that has been taken over by crawling and flying bugs/insects. My research leads me to believe they are aphids, ladybugs, spitermites, flies, bees, and slug/worms/larva. About 3 weeks ago little sticky dots appeared on our cars. Then about a week ago tons of bees arrived. Upon noticing the bees I noticed little white and black dots all over the underside of the leaves in the tree. Pulling off a leaf I noticed the white dots moving:(. Bugs are EVERYwHeRE. Help. What should we do?!? What is causing this!?!

Baltimore County Maryland aphids honeydew tree

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We viewed your photos. This looks like aphids and cast skins. Aphids are a sucking insect that excretes honeydew as they feed. Lady bugs are beneficial in keeping them under control. Bees are atracted to the honeydew. At this point, it is late in the season and no control is necessary.

Also, some of the photos are out of focus. You can examine the stems and twigs and look for possible scale insects. There are hard and soft scales and may look like small bumps on the twigs/foliage. We cannot tell from your photos if this is a possibility. See our website