Casement moths

Asked October 10, 2017, 11:36 AM EDT

Something that looks like casement moths is eating our clothes. Last year we cleaned everything and that seemed to work, but now they're back. Can you recommend a course of action or a resource we can consult.

New Castle County Delaware

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Cleaning the cloths or fabric items is one of best ways to manage this particular pest. They can feed on many types of fabrics and animal products (wool etc...). After the cloths have been cleaned, then storing the clothes in a tight fighting container with moth balls is a good practice. This particular insect avoids light and the adults themselves do not cause the damage. It is the feeding done by the larvae that damages the clothes. Damaged clothes should be discarded. A source of additional information can be found here: The insecticides discussed in this fact sheet are ONLY for KY, not Delaware. I am unaware of products available to legally manage clothes moths in Delaware. If cleaning and storing with moth balls are not sufficient, then you may want to contact a licensed professional applicator.