Overwintering Tulip Bulbs in Pots

Asked October 10, 2017, 8:09 AM EDT

I reside in Zone 6a and want to plant some tulip bulbs in a pot made out of composite material and have two options on where to store the pot for winter. I can put the pot in my garage and although the garage is NOT heated it is insulated and the temperature NEVER drops below freezing. Or, I can put the pot on my covered front porch (south-facing) where it would be sheltered but still exposed to the rise/fall of temperatures. Note, I can not bury the pot in the ground. So which option do you think will have a higher success rate and what would the watering requirements be for this option.

Thanks, L. Balog

Wayne County Michigan

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Overwintering bulbs in pots can be done but it is tricky. Tulips usually are planted around 6 inches deep. At this depth they receive the cold exposure they need but will not freeze. Keeping the pots in the garage can expose the bulbs to exhaust fumes if you start your car in their and it may not get cold enough. The covered porch will probably not keep the soil in the pot from freezing. Here is a good article on growing bulbs in containers: https://oldhousegardens.com/BulbsInPots