Asked October 9, 2017, 2:47 PM EDT

My iris this year had good leaves but no flowers. They are two years old. Is there some thing I can give them this fall to encourage them for next spring? Also my roses had leaves on the canes about four inches up but below that no leaves. The canes are nice and green and good sized. I plan on doing the Mn tip for the winter. I have your printout, but I cannot find the dormant spray (liquid lime-sulphur material) anywhere in Rochester Mn. I also planted rhubarb plants this spring. I have had trouble over the years getting to survive winter. They are in the southwest corner of the backyard with a chain link fence on two sides. I have heard to put mulch on it in the fall and then in spring put nitrate of soda in the spring. Is this correct or is there something better? Thank-you Kathy of Rochester

Olmsted County Minnesota

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Here is some excellent information on growing irises:

As far as winter protection for your roses, you can use a fungicide before tipping them:

For your rhubarb, mulch only after the ground is frozen. Rhubarb does best in sunny sites with rich soil, so you might consider adding some compost to your rhubarb.