Asked October 8, 2017, 6:51 PM EDT

I saw lots of slugs on a native plant that I recently transplanted. I mean all over it. I'm curious about the life of a slug, and why so many were feasting on my plant early in the morning. BTW, I use trays of sugar water and yeast to drown them. (I drink my beer.) Thanks, Kristen

Montgomery County Maryland

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Slugs feed primarily at night because they have limited protection against water loss and need adequate moisture levels to survive. If there is a lot of dew and moisture on your plants early in the morning, that is an ideal environment for them.

We have quite a lot of information about the life cycle of slugs on our website, and there are several different management strategies you can try to control them. Habitat modification and diatomaceous earth are two other things you could try. Here is the link to our web page.