European hornets

Asked October 8, 2017, 9:56 AM EDT

i understand from reading an article from Penn State extension that this type of hornet likes to build nests in wall voids, trees under the bark or in a hallow section of a tree generally above 6' in height. I also read that in winter the workers die off and only the mated queen hibernates and then builds a new nest nest spring. My question since it is late in season when we discovered the nest, will the queen return to this nest or seek another one. it is unclear in the narrative of whether the new nest will be in the same place, I realize that like honey bees more than one of the females could be queens. However in a honey bee hive the queen will stay with that hive. Are the hornets different

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Euroean Hornets feed on a variety of insect pests and are beneficial.
The workers will die back with the first several hard freezes and the queen will overwinter elsewhere. She will not use the same nest.
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