What plant is this and how do I revive it?

Asked October 6, 2017, 9:35 PM EDT

Not sure what kind of plant this is...it's looking droopy and some leave are turning brown around the edges. Can you tell me what kind of plant itis. Sometime it would get a bloom on it somewhat like a peace lily maybe?

Multnomah County Oregon

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Thanks for your question about your 'droopy plant.' It appears to be a Spathiphyllum, or Peace Lily. (It is not a true lily, but once you acquire a name....) I see a couple of problems with your plant. First, the leaves are drooping. This is typically caused by too little water, as this Extension article explains. These plants really need large pots to spread out in, and lots of water with good drainage. So, get a bigger pot and use some well-draining potting soil. You might also want to buy a water probe, that tells you on a meter whether the soil is dry or wet.

Second issue I see is the yellowing on the tips of the leaves. Yellowing can be caused by a couple of things. First, are you fertilizing your plant regularly? Yellow tissue means a lack of nutrients, most probably nitrogen. But a balanced houseplant fertilizer will also help it flower (which I don't see any of.)

Another issue is whether the plant is getting enough light. Not full sun; just a bright (as in South or West) window home.

Last, some houseplant gardeners find that using rainwater helps prevent salt buildup in the soil (from minerals dissolved in tap water as well as whatever other additives the soil has.) If you're on a well, this is not an issue--and plants actually need some of those dissolved minerals. But chlorine (and floride, in systems that add it to deter tooth decay) can be harmful to the plants.

If you'd like to consider some other 'fool proof' indoor plants, for your home, this Extension article has some suggestions. Hope these are helpful to you. Good luck!