Asked October 6, 2017, 11:14 AM EDT

That is actually a relief. I assumed I over watered. I filled the bowls until they ran over and would be still damp the next day. But I watered anyway, everyday. We have already had a couple of frosts and our veg garden froze but these trees still have a little green in there leaves.
We also transplanted 3 small evergreens from our family property that my sister sold. I had to take some things from home with me. I was afraid that the most important part of the roots were broken off. This was the beginning of the summer. I also watered every day. They actually have new growth. Does this mean they will survive?
I also took rose cuttings. What's the best way to plant those. They are extremely important to me. Very sentimental reasons!
I also need advice transplanting a pecan tree branch.the pecans are green.

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Iron County Utah

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Hi: For these questions, please email Candace Schaible at She is located in the Iron County Extension office.